The Discovery Loops are part of the ODAT Group's loops for men and women who have eating disorders and a working a program of recovery. Both ODAT and Discovery are a part of the Recovery Group Community.

A variety of support loops abound in Recovery. We find that eating disorders don't restrict themselves when it comes to burdening someone and even children suffer from the disorder. Two of our loops are for children and the parents of children who are struggling. We have a kitchen here. And a wonderful yellow brick road. And even a loop for those who are exercisers and want to be around others who share their enthuiasm for this.

Discovery is an unusual group and, although we are under the umbrella of the Recovery Group we have administrators who guide us. We find giving service to our loop rewards us in many ways and many of us consider our loop to be somewhat like our home.

If you have a problem with weight caused by compulsive eating or any other eating disorder, come join us. You'll find a description of each of our loops below.


12 Step Friends Anonymous
The Yellow Brick Road
The Abstinent Kitchen
Kitchen Archives
Kids and Recovery
HOT J ~ Heavyweights on the Journey