Dear Danny . . . GET WELL SOON!!! The prayers and get well wishes are being sent to you by your friends everywhere.

         Step Nine          Being Sick
         Seasons          Hopelessness
         Your Way          Abstinence
         Giant Egg          This OA Thing
         Learning          Listening
         Serenity          Time
         Monday Blahs          Tests
         Another Day          Old Tapes
         The Boss          Warm Fuzzies
         Attitude          Busy Days
         Next Right Thing          Purpose
         My Little Tea Bag          Adventures
         My Best          Better Never Late
         Socks          Contentment
         Customer Service          The Scales
         Silver Anniversary          Showers
         Home Repairs          Fears
         Lucky Me          Hope
         Turning It Over          The Grey Sheet
         Hoodlums          Not Stuffing It
         Not Appointed God          Home Alone
         God's Will          Abstinence
         Happiness          Nerves
         Great Uncle Danny          It Isn't Easy
         Day in a Life          Shoes
         Utter Bedlam          Keep It Buttoned
         The Grumpies          Onion & Limburger
         Take Care Of Me          Time is Too Short
         Family Tradition          It's Here!
         The Wedding          It Works!
         Throw No Stones          GOMU
         Hold My Hand          Worth
         Patience          The Promises
         Resentments          Extra Food?
         Travel Attitude          Who's In Charge?
         Electronic Magic          Touching
         12 Traditions          Abstinent Air
         Never Grow Up          Willing
         Loyalty          Keep Me Close
         God First          Examining Priorities
         12 Steps To Change          Touchdown By God
         Sharing          Contented
         Complacency          Being Loved
         Attitude Adjustment          Decisions
         Food Calls          12th Step Rewards
         Thy Will Not Mine          Hate To Wait
         Tolerance          Making Choices
         God Runs The Show          No Food Today
         Climbing Mountains          Danny's Story ~ Future

Dove in flight

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