Dear God,

Thanks for today. I once again can see the grass from the green side, and the woman You sent to run my life is sitting next to me. All is well. She (the woman) is now damaged goods, so please repair her. I ask forgiveness for losing my temper with one of Your children yesterday. Guess my tolerance level for self-centeredness is still rather low. Perhaps You might raise it somewhat. I have much to do today, all of it by my own planning. How much of it gets done is Your business. This is a special time of the year with baseball, football, boxing, hockey, and breathing all going on at once. Thanks for allowing me to have backup t.v. sets. Now You know how shallow I am to think this could be important to You. Oh well, that's me. I'm going to my f2f meeting this a.m. if the bride thinks she will be OK. Otherwise, I will stay put. Take care of everyone concerned with the latest bump on our road to happy destiny. They have appeared many times, and Your road crew does a good job at fixing them so we can leave them alone. Grant me the power to do Your will, just for today, and watch over my family, friends, fellow sufferers, the world in general, and of course, those I don't like at all.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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