Dear God,

Thanks for returning my tribe home safely, especially the woman You sent to run my life (and she thinks) everyone else's life. We arrived home at 3 a.m., and they had been on the road since 6 a.m. yesterday. The bride now sits (bad back still hurting) in her rightful place, gently snoring and making my world complete, thanks. Step two really helped out these past twenty-four hours, as I felt full force the truth that I'm powerless not only with food, but also with people, places, things and situations. This was just like those times in my life when I wanted some thing or person or situation to do my will, and Your answer was wait. Did You know I hate to wait? Now the decision is to be made as to what type of medical help to seek. My experience with back problems leans toward chiropractors. We'll see what she feels like doing. It is her back, isn't it? I'm really powerless, and don't like it one bit. I think I smell an opportunity here to practice step three, and just allow You to show me the way and do whatever You direct me to do. Gee, what a concept!! I'm sure I heard something about "Thy will not mine be done." That always sounded nice, but to really do it, wow, that's tough. Last Tuesday, our R/R meeting was canceled due to someone's self-will running riot. I will, with Your help, rectify that situation today. Perhaps this is one of those situations in which I might remember "principles before personalities." Being gentle is something I need Your help with, and I need to remember that the spoken word can cut just as deeply as a knife. I have yet another day to hold out my hand and do Your will if You provide the power. Please watch over my family, friends, fellow sufferers, those who have not found us, and especially the people who are offensive to me. The list grows smaller each day, thanks.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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