Dear God,

Now I've done it. The woman You sent to run my life is in the Florida Keys with a bad back, and a hurricane bearing down on her and my girls. Where am I? Sitting in New York just being useless. Thy will, not mine be done is easy to say, but not so easy to practice. Please watch over them, and perhaps teach them to enjoy the power of nature. Remove this fear for their safety and allow me to keep the faith I have that You will handle this. The poor kid wanted to come home right away, but the airlines are booked solid and there is another difference between us. I would be offering my seat for free r/t tickets. She sees disaster; I see opportunity. I will do the only thing I can, wait and pray. The results belong to You. While I'm whining, the flu and pneumonia shots I had on Tuesday are hurting my arms (swollen and very sore), and I don't like it. And the woman You sent to run my life is out playing in the wind and rain. There is much to do today after morning phone calls and some clean-up stuff. Maybe I'll see how much the dishwasher can really hold without breaking down. Please take good care of the bride and the rest of my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, and the slowly decreasing number of people I really don't like. Allow me the knowledge of Your will and the power to carry it out.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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