Dear God,

Thanks for another good day, another good night's sleep, and for yet another day to call my own. Thanks for the woman You sent to run my life. She is slowly returning to normal, as she was issuing orders to me via phone last night and is already prescribing meds differently from the doctors', and educating them. I'm feeling badly that she is injured, but glad it's not here as she gets better. The woman can get to be, well, just like a wife. My attempts to secure reasonable airfare came up short, so here I stay. I'll call her before I go to Brooklyn. There is a special favor, request or whatever. See what You can do to move some of my fellow sufferers to do some 12th step work and sponsor the new loopies. Put the need in them to keep that which they have been given. Let them know of the special rewards gotten from helping another of Your children. Maybe You could inspire someone to start one of those "ask it baskets" for sponsorship. That way folks would have a place to go to ask questions. AND WHY NOT? Meanwhile, it would be nice of You to watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, and the folks I'm not too happy with. Please allow me to know and do Your will today. I am, Your not always obedient son,

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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