Dear God,

Oh boy, too much in the way of these feeling things are running around in my head this morning, and they make me uneasy with my solitude. So many things to think about. Decisions made, are they correct? Do they need to be changed, or at least revisited?? By the way, thanks for allowing me to wake up today. Almost forgot that my brain is so busy. You had better take charge here before I screw things up. My life has been so much nicer since that decision was made long ago to seek Your will ad try to do the right thing. Since embracing the 12 steps and traditions, the everyday reactions to life have improved. Late last night, the son (mine not yours) brought my car back and there was no need on my part to sneak out to see if it was all in one piece. It was good enough that he was. Thank You for both his safety and my action, or lack thereof. I made a decision yesterday to speak privately to someone I truly admire and love and ask them to do something that, while correct, bothered me until this second. Sometimes it hurts to do the right thing, because above all else I want and need to be loved and accepted by the entire world. Just a little grandiose!! I miss my dad and older brother for their wisdom, and their ability to tell me when I'm full of shit. The woman You sent to run my life is OK at that, but when she does it she enjoys it too much, I think. See what happens when I'm left alone, ugh! Please take care of all my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, those whom I have hurt, and especially those I don't give a damn about. Reveal Your will to me today, and allow me the power to do same. Thank You for allowing me to see the grass from the green side up.

And Why Not?
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