Danny's Letters to God
Learning From Others

Dear God,

I'm a sleepy-eyed grump this morning, but know things will look better when the aches and kinks are gone. It takes just a little longer nowadays. The woman You sent to run my life is still abed and maybe I'll wake her up to a nice breakfast. That just might make her happy, and it will surely make me happy to do something nice for her. I just have an urge to do this, probably drive her nuts trying to find out what evil deed I've done now. There is a fresh coat of snow outside and it looks so pretty I'm going to leave it alone and not go shovelling it all around. Be right back, going for a mug of java.

Here I am, back again and smiling because the coffee tastes real good and I wonder if it's Your coffee or my brewing, thanks. People don't thank You enough for all that has been given to us and that includes the people in our lives. We have the ability to learn so much from people, both good and bad, but I believe for every badie out there there are hundreds of good guys. A lot of good people don't realize the good they bring to us, many of them reading this right now. They are the folks who give the precious gift of themselves. The sharing of their pain and triumph over it gives hope and those who share and are not planted on the road to recovery allow those of us who will the honor of helping them, thanks.

Wonder where that came from? I, dear God of mine, have nought to do today except enjoy this wonderful playground You have created for me. Ooops, see, I forgot about some things needed to be done for the co-op prior to going to the closing of our new loan. We have until the 10th of the month to get it done, but waiting will do two things, make me nuts and fearful and not have enough time, so I'll put everything in place today. Now the day looks crowded and busy. I'm forgetting more lately and not caring. Is that serenity, old age or the dreaded onset of Alzhiemers? The history of that disease in my family on dad's side is really scary. Thy will not mine be done. If I were to worry about what might be I'll be nuttier than I already am, so You take care of it along with my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who refuse to surrender and as usual the people I don't like. Allow me to know Your will just for today and the power to carry it out would be a nice touch.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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