Another Contented Day Not Being in the Driver's Seat

Dear God,

My eyes are not yet focused, and the first mug of coffee sits beside me half full, and the clock tells me it is 10:02 a.m., thanks. My body must have been screaming for some sleep after that fiasco Sunday night. No more spicy beef from the Chinese take-out for me, uh uh, no more, till next time. I managed to send out the Hazeldon for Today piece to JTR and Silver Recovery and decided to do this prayer and meditation before You started Your afternoon shift. J

Other than being somewhat silly this morning, this old man feels pretty good. My Erin comes home Wednesday from her holiday in the Carolinas, and of course she is once again in trouble. Seems as though she got her eleven year old cousin to experiment in making their own soap bubbles in the micro-wave. That's my girl. J

Finally, the first of repair work is to be done today on what used to be my kitchen as the new door will be put on the oven range and the new cabinets are to be delivered on Friday, which happens to be the birthday of the woman You sent to run my life. Hmmm, does this constitute a present?

As You may readily see, dear God, my life is just as good or better than it has ever been, thanks. All that is required from me is to stay in touch with You and do the next right thing. What a concept!! Thanks. Doing the next right thing is its own reward, so all the extra gifts it brings are icing on the cake. J

Send me the wisdom needed to help whomever You send my way today, along with the strength to do same. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still diet without You, and the people I just don't like. Let's include the people who don't like me also. The who and why are none of my business but include them anyway.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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