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Dear God,

Good morning and broad smiles from me this morning. The sun shines through my window as does the light You bring to me through my fellows. As I had my morning coffee (first mug) and read the early posts, two things popped up and smacked me in the kisser. One was that being on a high from being surrounded by the fellowship can and sometimes is dangerous to our abstinence. However the answer to this dilemma is merely clinging all the more to both the fellowship and You by allowing all of us to share that burden. The other was seeing several of my fellows going on with their lives through much change and upheaval all while being spiritually fit. Praise You. J

I have seen such bravery these past few days, and am happy to say my own bout with compulsive madness has passed, and You have relieved me of that bondage, thanks. We all too often hear only of the struggle and not enough of the victories in our world. Many feel as though their victory is fragile or speaking of it would seem arrogant or a boast, while neither is true, because the victory comes from You and should be shouted from the rooftops of our hearts.

Yes, I am being rather poetic this morning, and it feels good. All of the things I offered to You, those things I could do nothing about, have been resolved without me, thanks. The woman You sent to run my life lies sleeping in our bed, safe and peaceful, secure in her surroundings, knowing her protector is here. Me too. J

Send whomever or whatever You will to me today, along with the wisdom and power to do Your will not mine. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still diet, and the people I just don't like.

And Why Not?
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