Dear God,

Nothing else happens in this house until this is a finished deal. When I don't have enough time for You, then things have got to change. Everything is on hold, and if some folks don't like it, You take care of them. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for my clean bill of health! The bottom line is I did have a minor stroke and a minor seizure, but no lingering damage. All of the tests came up negative, and that's really turning a negative into a positive. It has been strongly suggested by the group (doctors) that my internist has a strange way of practicing medicine. He is being replaced.

This whole episode stems from my walking around for months with a fever and blood infection. Go figure. The many hours spent staring at the ceiling worrying had a good side, as it helped me examine the amount of loops I'm on and the need to reduce the amount. I will do so after speaking with my sponsor. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, as I am compulsive in all things. Thanks for the concern of so many, as I was not aware of how many people read this daily conversation, even though it is rather one-sided. It's time to retrieve the white wash from the laundry room and get it folded and put away. Yes, I do windows also. Please come up with a topic for the 7 o'clock meeting, as my brain is drained. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, and the folks I could live without. And while You are working, the knowledge of Your will and the power to do same would be great. Once again, a great big thanks for the good health news.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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