Dear God,

After much soul searching and a f2f meeting last night, I have decided to stay where I am. Things are much clearer this a.m., which has developed into afternoon. How'd that happen? First things first. Last night, my friend Bob J.F. who is compulsive in all areas in his life, called me for a meeting ride. This is the nut who comes to Florida with me and got me to the hospital when I was the walking dead, and stayed with me for 39 hours. I've been called many things, dis-loyal and ungrateful are not among them. We went to the meeting and there were two guys there from long ago, one of whom I was in jail with. Very interesting meeting, and much fun. Thanks for all that, and my awakening his morning. Two reasons I'm so late, well three. One is the woman You sent to run my life and I were being silly and playful, also gossiping about every one and no one. I finally ran her off to work. Every man should have a working wife, and there is a difference between a working wife and a wife who works. I know what it is. We solidified her schedule for next week (she and two daughters are going to Key West for a week), a present from pop-pop (thats me) as they need time together (girl stuff). My job is to stay out of trouble, maybe!! Second reason for lost time was phone call from a COE who will not (for now) accept Your gift, two hours of frustration for me. Thanks for allowing me to see me from yesterday and my minor brat attack. Some folks just won't get it, but I keep trying 'cause it's my job. Third reason is tape of Monday Night Football, oops. Favorite son Micheal just called with weekly report on job, law school, and female situation of the week, my pride and joy. Thanks for him. What a pleasure he is. Now we can get on with the day, or what's left of it. I'm going to have a nice lunch now and see what kind of trouble I can get into. Please watch over my family, friends, loop pals, those who still suffer, and of course those folks who aggravate the hell out of me. Would be of great help to be able to hear Your will for me today, and have the power to carry it out.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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