Dear God,

Yesterday was wonderful, and today is here with it's soft breeze, sunny sky, and the terrible smell of limburger cheese permeating this home. Please make a hurricane blow through this place before the head of the dept. of war gets here. I will do my part and open every window and door. You make the wind blow. Soft breezes are not going to help. I read the posts this morning and some light has been shed for me. There is so much hope to be found if one is willing (there is that word again) to look and listen. Thanks. I am amazed as always by Your capacity to love us, especially when we make ourselves so damn unlovable. Would it be a stretch to ask that you make us all what we imagine ourselves to be just for an hour so we can see that we are not so bad as we currently happen to be? Thanks for giving me the ego that allows me to think I'm a male model, that guy with the long blond hair. Oh yea, FLABIO, that's me. What a sense of humor You have. The woman You sent to run my life just called to tell me she will be home around 2000 hours, so the wind is not needed, saved again. You might just let all who are suffering know how easy it is to come to You for help. They need only be willing (there's that word) to put down their favorite character defects so you can cleanse them. Let them know it is not the food they crave, but Your presence in their hearts, so simple. Hell it only took me twenty some-odd years to figure that out, but why rush things. Today is my grandson's sixth birthday and he is a real good little boy, a klepto, but considering his gene pool it's OK. He will outgrow that in time (not in the big house, I hope). Please look after my family, friends, fellow sufferers, loopie pals, and the pain in the asses that call me at suppertime to sell me something. I figure they are human, too. Are they? Your will is my target today so give me the power to do same.

And Why Not?
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