Danny's Letters to God
This OA Thing

Dear God,

There are some things on my mind this morning having to do with this OA thing You sent us. One of those problems is that some folks forgot it was Your idea to begin with and it's on loan only as long as we take care of it. Before I go any further, thanks for allowing me to wake up to this glorious day, to be alive and feeling well is a blessing. The leaning of folks to complain about the condition of our fellowship is of itself a good thing. Please have them look in the mirror and understand You put those thoughts in their heads for them to act on, not to just think about them.

INTO ACTION should be the key words spoken at all fellowship meetings. Yes they are and should be a place of social action and for many its the only social contact in their lives where they are accepted and loved without conditions. You have given me so much and my life is as promised in the big book with the ability to see that my size is not anybody else's concern and I am not to expect people to know what to do with me especially in a medical situation where they may not have yet had the experience of dealing with the terminally obese. I find that explaining my difficulties and offering the logistical solution, if there is one, helps them, me and the guy behind me. Thanks for that one.

While I'm saying thanks it seems appropriate for me to thank You for giving me the vehicle to bring my butt down to a size where it fits most airline and theatre seats. It can't be easy dealing with COE's in all our raging glory ... thanks for caring enough to send the very best. So my prayer for today is that You give my brothers and sisters in the fellowship the awareness that when they see part of the fellowship broken THEY should lovingly try to fix it, not just see that its broken. When we go to a meeting, f2f or online, its what we bring to that meeting that determines what we leave it with.

You take care of me, the family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer and the guys I just don't like. The power to do and knowledge of your will is expected, just for today.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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