Tell me again, who is in charge?

Dear God,

My day went exactly as You planned it, however, it in no way resembled my plans, which were to sit and watch all the sporting events taped on three VCR's these past few days. Ha!! Danny plans and God giggles, will I ever learn?

Although the major redecorating has been done, it seems certain doors will not function as the new carpeting is much thicker than the old. Which, by the way, I was content with. But, hey, who is complaining? The old doors are eight feet high, and because of the peculiar construction need special tools for cutting. Well, why not?. SIGH!!!!

Then good Aunt Mae calls to ask me if she did the right thing when she threw away stock certificates because the company went off the board. Of course, this happened fifteen years ago, and I'm still searching.

Three grand nieces have come down with chickenpox, and guess who got stuck driving them to the doctor? HA!!! Oh, let us not forget the last minute phone call from Tommy and Barbara asking me to go with them to a mortgage refinance closing.

Now, here I settle in for the Yankee playoff game, and my cable goes out. You are trying my patience today, and, oh yes, my meat loaf got burned because of my CRS

All in all, this has been one great day, and this fool is quite happy, thanks. Tomorrow I plan to go to Brooklyn and ask only for knowledge of and the power to do Your will, just for tomorrow. Please watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those whose lives seem harsh and the folks I just don't like. Thy will not mine be done.

And Why Not?
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