Would Some Extra Food Help? Naw!

Dear God,

Good morning. I am alive and well today, while saddened at the pain of Jenna's in knowing the end is near for her beloved dad. Hold her close, God of mine, and allow her to feel the love of all those she gives to.

I'm also getting my pre-trip jitters and will be leaving soon for the airport. This might be a good time to clean my body and pack. No, that chore has not been done. For some reason this letter needed to be done first.

Mom is doing OK, and it seems as though her blood pressure meds have to be adjusted. I'll call her before I leave. While I am familiar with this feeling of apprehension, and know it will soon pass, it is still uncomfortable. Maybe some food would help? No, huh? Oh well, it was worth a shot. My feeble mind is not functioning properly this morning, so this will end.

Please keep our planes in the air until it's time to land, watch over my friends, family, fellow loopies, those who still diet and those I don't like. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will are requested and expected.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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