Too Smart to Visit Resentments

Dear God,

Well, doing the next right thing was, of course, the only thing possible to do in order to stay spiritually fit. As I approached the hospital yesterday afternoon, my mind was filled with so many other problems there was no time to bring up the past hurts, which, of course, injure only me. The litany of wrong doings was lost when I looked at this now frail woman in her mid-eighties. I sat by her bed and listened to her list of medical problems and refrained from reminding her that she is very old and is supposed to have aches and pains.

You certainly did Your best to make me happy by having Aunt Sadie there, also in her mid-eighties but looking one hundred. While the two of these sisters took turns bombarding each other with lists of medications and such, I just threw in that the doctor just gave me three months to live. They never skipped a beat. It was, "Yes, honey, that's nice."

At that moment I knew my visit was for me, not her, for my well-being and serenity, thanks. I always wondered why I advised folks to go see the sick before they die. It is not for the sick, is it? Well the month of August is underway and with all the insurance stuff, cabinet shopping, and now a new table and chairs for the kitchen, because the old set just does not match. WELL!!!! Who cares, not me, more money spent on junk.

I mean does my butt care if what it's on matches what's on the stinking wall? Oh yeah, lest I forget, now we need new wall paper. Painting simply will not do. How foolish of me. Please remove these thoughts of mayhem from my sick mind. I really would settle for shelves with linoleum on them, open and airy and cheap. SIGH!!!!

I have also been informed that the home will be invaded by two daughters and two nieces, who along with the woman You sent to run my life are going to "tear this place apart and make it spotless." Which means nothing will be left where it belongs. I might stay in Texas.

Meanwhile I could use the wisdom to know and power to do Your will, just for today. Please take care of my mom, Jenna's dad, Blue's Docie and the family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still diet and the folks I don't like.

And Why Not?
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