Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Except for a sore throat, the after effects of yesterday's test are history, thanks. I thought it rather odd that the nurse called twice yesterday to see how things were, oh well! The morning has come with its promise of another of Your miracles, a day free of stinking thinking and food frenzy. Last night I called my brother's widow to make last minute arrangements for our trip to New Jersey (out of the country), and was told she is too upset to go. The poor dear has worked for her employer for thirty years and now is getting the shaft. As much as I would like to show her how to stick them back, I must refrain from pushing her into something she can't handle. You take care of her. She is a good woman. Or let me know what to do, and I'll jump on it. It will be nice to see my sister, her hubby, and all her girls with their babies. I do love them so. My sister raised her girls to know and understand their worth, and they all picked men that are worthy of them. Vinette has much to be proud of. She was and is my favorite sibling, and I am still protective of her even though she needs no protection. Please do make the ride to Jersey as nice as possible with "mother" in the car, complaining as usual, I'm sure. The rest of my world is secure and well, for which I am very grateful to You. Please give me the knowledge of Your will and the power to do same. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, all who suffer in ignorance of Your light, and especially those who think character and morals are no longer special to a good life. Thanks a bunch for waking me up today.

And Why Not?
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