Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Something wonderful, and to me, mystical has happened. It has been brought to my attention that I am a grumpy old man and that my thinking, if not archaic, is at least grossly outdated. I have taken a long look at this and find that what is being questioned are my core beliefs, and have to do more with character and moral issues than with "modern thinking." To be sure, there are some areas in my life, or at least in my past that I am neither proud of, nor do I wish to repeat. I have made my amends and gently forgiven myself as I know You do. So why when I express my thoughts do people become angry and resort to name calling? Is it because they know they are wrong? I think so, and no longer care what they FEEL, as feelings are not facts and will pass.

The woman You sent to run my life really got on me when I told my 19 year old grand niece that her fiance was a 32 year old piece of crap to have impregnated her and gave her an engagement ring while he is still married. How stupid can she be? And why hasn't her father beat the hell out of him? My favorite niece finally is a married lady instead of an unpaid prostitute, and I got hell when I told her how happy I was for her. Then came the only answer people can give, "Well, it's the nineties, you know."

Yes, I know that we as a society have lowered our morals and standards to the level of a sewer and folks are going to be mad as hell at me for saying what is right and proper. No great society has ever survived when they lowered their standards to please the animal instincts that dwell in all of us. I'm not going to lower my standards as they come from You, and there they stay, as unpopular as that makes me. On the other hand, I'm the one they come to when trouble comes, and it does come in many forms. Man in his wisdom has written millions of rules, regulations, laws and guidelines, all to enforce the 10 commandments.

What jerks we are! I don't know how You put up with us. Meanwhile, how about another day of abstinence for me and watch over my family, friends, fellow sufferers, the world at large, and especially the folks who I really don't like. While I'm here, I ask that You allow me to hate the sin but still love the sinner, cause I can't throw no stones.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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