Dear God,

I'm angry this morning and went to my bed angry last night. I am not responsible for other people's actions nor their mindset, only my reaction to them. By the way, good morning, and thanks for another day to do with as You will it. I may at times be cranky, may even revert to my old ways of lying, stealing and cheating. I am, however, truly grateful for this life I have been given.The reason for my anger is unimportant. What is important is what I choose to do with same. That, my God, is why that anger is coming to lay at Your feet, my present for You, just for today.

There is that old question again, "How important is it?" The act that prompted my anger is really not important, however, the reason for it is. Here is the difficult part, I have absolutely no way of changing the attitude of another person. BINGO!!!!! So do I sit and erect the foundation of a wonderful resentment, one which I could and would eventually eat over, or just say my favorite word and go on with being happy, joyous and free?

Hmmm. The woman You sent to run my life continues to spend money on junk for the house and insists on stuff for me that I would never buy or use. Now You know if I don't make a fuss over this junk her feelings will be hurt. Yes, I know, make a fuss. In a short while I'm to wake her so she can pick up her gang to do the shopping thing and she will be gone all day. Three generations of females turned loose on the outlet stores, where for some unknown reason they think they are saving money. The way to save money is to bank it, not spend it. Geez, even I know that much. They will be out of my hair, and my football games will be more enjoyable without the constant interruptions. Thanks.

I'm not as angry as when we started here so at least the stress of anger is lessening. I really need to let go of things I cannot change, which comprises about 99.99% of my life. Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. NOW!!!! There is some battle raging in me, and to be sure if I have my way the fight that ensues will cause much damage. It is not worth it, so where then shall I place this crap? Once again, at Your feet, realizing this may be a process to be repeated many times this day. So be it, I accept, don't like it, but do accept and will not start a war over it. WHEW!!! Sometimes it is not easy being me, especially when the focus of my anger is going about doing just fine. Well, You handle it and allow me the wisdom to shut up and seek the knowledge of and power to do Your will. Watch over the ladies today as they drive my new car, as well as the family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still sit in anger and those I just don't like.

And Why Not?
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