Dear God,

Thanks for allowing me another day to enjoy. Yesterday was a real trip. I am used to being alone most days, and the ability to run to the john will never again be taken for granted. I remembered some dance steps long forgotten. Things will get back to normal at some moment, nice and easy, just like the last seconds before sleep sets in after a busy day. The ladies left me alone to watch my football yesterday except for a couple of "go to the store" breaks. What is it they don't understand about "it's almost halftime?"

I think somehow they enjoy talking about the WEDDING more than the WEDDING itself. Go figure!! Now You and I need to work on my stinking attitude about these medical problems, as my outlook is run away and hide so maybe they will go away. I really dislike being, or at least feeling helpless. That's how I feel now that my major complaint of the day has been removed, (the WEDDING) OF COURSE!!! So as is usual, You get to worry for me, sort of Danny's designated worrier. It seems rather empty here now, and too quiet except for the humming of the ceiling fans. It's as if the world has stopped to catch its breath, a nice comfortable peace has me now. Must be You, thanks.

Please allow me to know and do Your will today. Watch over and protect my loved ones and not so loved ones, my loopie pals, and all who enter my life today. I am going out to play with the rest of the kids. A special request that You watch over those who will be driving home today and for my Jewish friends. Come to think of it, they get a good start on abstinence today. Hmmmmm!

And Why Not?
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