Dear God,

Well as you all know, the WEDDING is over and the happy couple left the reception fighting because he was outside having a cigarette when the LAST DANCE was played. I laughed so hard my pants will never dry. I'll bet the money hoon will be a real treat. Back to reality. Someone new to our loop complained that they were posted with some sort of advertisement regarding food plans and various reading materials. Unless they were OA approved literature we should leave them alone loopwise and use private e-mails.

I sometimes wonder if we will really understand how very simple this all is, and that diets really don't work and have little or nothing to do with recovery. We all know what to eat and not eat and in what quantities. The woman that God sent to run my life is one of us and still keeps trying to find that easier, softer way, and it is heartbreaking to watch. I certainly ate too much at the WEDDING and ate stuff that is not good for me. God and I had a long discussion about that on the drive home last night and the situation resolved.

Today I was listening to myself say, "No thanks, I'm still full from the WEDDING." What a first class miracle that is! Just thought I would pass this all on as your trusted servant. IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT.

And Why Not?
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