Dear God,

My feet are burning, back hurts, and the bones are complaining, so I must have had a good old time for myself. Kind of reminds me of holding on to the commode while prone on the floor, trying to remember where in hell the car might be. The WEDDING was, if nothing else, elegant with good food, music, and to have the family together was nice. The candle-lighting ceremony in honor of my beloved Mrs. Butterworth (the bride's granny, now deceased) and the groom's dad were touching. Who says young folks lack class?

So the woman You sent to run my life will be up soon to grill me on anything she might have missed. I also realize there is a price to pay for getting aunts Mae and Ethel looped beyond the beyond. We did hear all the family dirt thhough, and I thought good girls didn't do those things in the old days, humph!!! They were funny. I especially had fun on the dance floor with the young females who had and are still taking dance lessons to learn the stuff I have been doing all these years. Now I pay for that. Cracked me up when Annie O'Brien had to look at my feet to see what to do. She no longer has to do that. Why did the woman You sent to run my life get so upset when I considered going into the dance lesson business???

Well, now there will be more "Uncle Danny" stories, all of which I will both deny and revel in and will grow each passing year. I did not like the way Arthur Giove (the local undertaker) looked at me. I felt like he was measuring me with his eyes. I guess we will have to find another of life's little adventures to have fun with now that the WEDDING is history. Please watch over the family today, especially the red-headed daughter who cannot find her car keys. Perhaps You might take care of my friends, fellow sufferers and the creeps I really don't care for at all. Most of all, thank You for another chance to know Your will and having the power to do same. I, like You, love everyone today.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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