Dear God,

Well, the tests are finished for today, and I have but one more phone call to make and all is done. The woman You sent to run my life and her sister are cleaning again (how dirty can a home get in two days?). No wonder my routine is off. Make them stop, I'm scared to try. Of course, the folks who do the tests do not tell you poop about them. One just has to wait. I hate waiting. Meanwhile, the WEDDING is tomorrow, the same night as the BIG FIGHT which these women know nothing about. Thanks for v.c.r.'s of which all three will be taping.

We also serve, who only sit and wait. At some point in time on the 18th I will do my now infamous disappearing act and show up fully dressed for the WEDDING, and will make sure something does not match. It's a tradition. My father and grandfather managed to do this, and only You know how far back it goes. I can visualize the grin on my great, great grandfather's face as the woman You sent to run his life growled at him for being MIS-MATCHED.

Will they never learn? Please dear God, thank all of the good people who sent me such warm and affectionate posts this day. Only You could have arranged that wonderful sentiment. Thanks. Well, I'm sneaking out to go to the movies.

And Why Not?
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