Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Good morning and thank You for another day. As long as I woke up abstinent I'll look for ways to stay that way. What a nice gift You give to each of us every new day. All that is left for me is to set my feet upon the path You have prepared for me and do the next right thing. Sometimes I don't even consider this precious gift of abstinence I receive as my eyes open each new morning and yet is so easy to throw away for so many easy excuses.

Now where did all that come from? Possibly because there is no running water in the kitchen nor will there be for another ten or twelve days. I did find a way to make coffee but anything else will be brought in from the outside. I am about to do quite a bit of research on the local take out eateries. Stay with me on this one. I'm so grateful that the woman You sent to run my life is safely tucked away at her sister's mountain home and will not be here for the mess and upheaval. That is for me to handle.

It would be nice if this bug I have would go away and not into my chest. That would precipitate a trip to the local hospital.I do feel somewhat better this morning, thanks. Perhaps a trip to the barber and my mechanic ( I owe him some money) might brighten my outlook. You might send some poor soul my way for help. That always works wonders for me and every now and then the person sent to me gets help too.

The woman called last night at midnight to inform me of her safe arrival and had to leave a message as once again the ringer on the bedroom extension was off. She dood it again. Of course, she will deny she did it and blame me. Hmmmm ... wonder where she picked up that trick? In less than two hours there will be more tradesmen here to do the electrical work and glass work in the kitchen and I will be a prisoner until they leave. More time to do Your work. Now that sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile ... You watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still diet and the folks I don't like. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is requested and expected.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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