Dear God,

You know what a liar I am, so don't be surprised when and if the WEDDING comes up again. The family is starting to gather. The first bunch rolled in last night from North Carolina, a nephew and his family. This Floyd character has got to go, as he is interfering with the WEDDING plans. We have people coming from both Carolinas and Florida, and air travel will be all screwed up. See what You can do about this or they (the females) will blame me, as they know that You and I talk frequently. Yesterday I did the cardiologist thing, and he is not happy with results from the last test, and is sending me for more. I am to go to a neurologist P.D.Q. for yet more tests. What a pain in the ass. I do not like this at all. It's worse than the WEDDING.

How this will all play out is out of my hands and in Yours, so straighten up and take care of me. It's a good thing You got me abstinent and losing weight before all of this came down. It really helps to be thinking somewhat clearly. Please watch over my family, friends, fellow sufferers and the folks I don't care for. Also, get Floyd out of here so all these folks can go home on time.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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