Danny's Letters to God
Just for Today, Keep It Buttoned

Dear God,

Good morning, and thanks for this day and all it brings, good, bad and indifferent. My mood this morning is shifting back and forth like the pendulum in our grandfather clock. This first day of autumn finds us cool and dry, almost snappy, but not there yet.

I found myself feeling somewhat silly this morning, childlike would be a good description. Mistakes abound this morning; however, they are being met with a smile. I just realized I have been sending the Today's Thought from Hazelden for months and spelling it wrong. Then when sending it today I omitted the message part. To compound this tragic felony I erased its memory. All this with a smile.

Why then did I cringe at the thoughts of mayhem when the floor guy gets here this a.m. to begin refinishing our exposed hardwood flooring? THE UNKNOWN. Just goes to show how fast my faith disappears and would stay gone without Your help, thanks. This dump can't possibly look any worse than it does, and You know how I hate this constant upheaval. Then that small voice tells me that this is just for today, and I had better enjoy the mess as once the day is spent I may not have it back to spend again, thanks.

The woman You sent to run my life assures me that I will just be happy with the results of all this mess -- should I tell her it is not worth it or be smart and shut up? Hmmmm, another no brainer. Just for today, shut up.

I think I can do that, shut up, that is, and You may stop laughing,now. I know I can shut up because I did it once before. I just cannot remember when. If only everybody would do things my way, life would be so much better, and Your job could be eliminated. Just imagine that headline in the newspaper “God Gets Fired,” followed by “Danny Takes Over,” followed by “World Ends.” Well I'm being silly again, maybe. So You stay in charge while I seek the wisdom to know and power to do Your will. Watch over my loved ones and not so loved ones, just for today. For those who suffer from living may their end be peaceful.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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