Dear God,

Thank You so much for allowing me to see the light yesterday, and making an appearence at the birthday party, even if it was only a quicky. Even better was the hasty retreat when the cake and ice cream came out. Now if You can convince the woman You sent to run my life that my attitudes have NOTHING to do with her. Why is it that when she is in the dumps I am required to shut up and wait for it to blow over ... however I am not granted the same?

Today will be a great day, and I will do Your will as it is revealed to me. Just remember to include the power to do same. It was thrilling yesterday to sit and listen to what shade of "lip gloss" goes with what color or shade of dress. They really think of good stuff to worry about. And let's not forget the shoes. Oh my, the shoes. The shoes are easy, the ones that hurt your feet the most are the best to wear. How else would we men get to hear, "MY FEET ARE KILLING ME," when it should be my shoes are killing me. SHEESH.

Please help me to do the most important thing I'm going to do over the next week, and that is KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!!! Watch over and take care of all the people in and out of my life today, especially help out with my attitudes. My mouth needs to be closed until I can think of what I'm about to say.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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