Sometimes It Isnít Easy

Dear God,

Last night has become this morning which is a pretty good way of doing things, thanks. The terrible urge to stuff me is no longer present and writing to the loop was the key. There are times when the road gets real bumpy, and the road crews are on a break. This is the point where I would normally start the great search for the reason food became an adversary last night. You and I know there is something out of whack, and it will be revealed to me when You say so, and I am prepared to handle it.

Yesterday I made a decision to forgo picking up the new car in order to go to the grand-nephew's football game, smart choice, thanks. I arrived a tad late, just in time to see the boy lifted into an ambulance and taken to the local hospital. His pained face turned into a smile when he saw me as he was left alone until I appeared, followed shortly by his parents, thanks. His knee cap is fractured, and the orthopedist will see him today. Football season is over for Peter.

Today I will call the school and ask them why a thirteen year old boy was sent to and left alone at the hospital. Allow me to keep my anger in check -- as stupid as their decision was at least You had me there. As a matter of fact maybe I'll just shut up and allow his parents to figure this out as I am not the boss any more, You are, thanks. The woman You sent to run my life sleeps quietly in our bed and faces the business end of Aunt Mae and her late night entrance into the hospital, as she has power of attorney for her. God, You did good when You configured my Gloria. She is steadfast and loyal to all her family. When mom died, there was no doubt who would become the glue to hold our family together. What a winner she is, thanks.

Churning around in my withered brain is some thought or force needing to be attended to, wish it would become clear. Yes, I know, wait. So as I turn my attention to picking up the new toy I'll leave it up to You to grant me the wisdom to know and power to do Your will. Watch over the family, friends, fellow loopies (especially our Jill), those who decide to suffer some more and the people I don't like, please.

And Why Not?
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