Great Uncle Danny

Dear God,

Decisions early in the morning are not my thing except for saying once again You are in charge here and I will do as that still small voice tells me is right, thanks. It is a bright, cool autumn-like day, and I am thankful for seeing it come into being. This morning thing is like being born every day and having a private birthday party, thanks. My world is going along smoothly with many good things about to happen. Today is the day we get running water back in the kitchen. The woman You sent to run my life is home and asleep in the bed we share, thanks.

My grand-nephew is expecting me to be present at his high school football game this afternoon at 4 p.m. He called to invite me. I was to pick up my new car this afternoon fifty miles in the opposite direction. I will pick up the car tomorrow, because it is the next right thing to do, and because I take my titles seriously, and I have many. First I am Your child, as well as son to my parents, husband to my wife, thanks for her, father and grandfather to many, uncle to three generations including some from other families, friend to an uncountable horde. Thanks. There are many other titles bestowed upon me by my fellow drivers every day, however, we will not claim them for our own. :-)

My life is so full of love and genuine caring it amazes me, and I am so grateful for all these people in my life, especially the youngsters who tell me my view of the world is "rushing headlong into the 14th century." Perhaps they are right, however, I do remind them at times that 2+2=4 in any century. Oh my, time does fly! I'm off to Brooklyn to torment the aged. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is requested. Please watch over all the people previously mentioned along with the handful I don't like ... just for today.

And Why Not?
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