Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Some day I'm going to grow up, honest I am. Just not today. This not growing up does not preclude me from attempting to do Your will, just clouds the issue from time to time. This being under construction is more than I care to live with, and if nothing else my nerves are rubbed raw. There is absolutely nothing in this house that has not been disturbed in one way or another. On the grand scale of things my problems are of course minute, except to me and I want relief, now.

Oh yes, thanks for allowing me another day of confusion and misery. As nasty as I'm feeling it beats not feeling at all. We, or I should say she (THE WOMAN) has pulled apart my den and suggested there are items in same that are of no use therefore might be eliminated. Now we go to the mattresses. I'm starting to feel better now, whew!!! One of the things that surfaced is the we-care book from the Tuesday evening f2f meeting and it dates back to 1994. Starting today all of the folks in that book will be called either by me or some folks I volunteer, thanks.

One of the things noticed by my name under the heading of "How are you feeling" is the one word "SATISFIED." I'm still using that word to sign in with, satisfied. I have tried a number of times to change the heading to "How are you doing" as feelings are not reality and I might be feeling bratty, mean spirited and generally negative, however still be doing just fine. Guess You have my work laid out for me today. I'll get on it when I return home from Brooklyn today. Sounds like a plan to me.

Meanwhile, the wisdom to know and power to do Your will is expected. Please watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still have not opened the BB and the people I don't like. Just for today.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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