Danny's Letters to God
Focus on Higher Power's Will Does the Trick

Dear God,

Well at least it is still before noon, and as You know my morning was both productive as well as busy. The woman You sent to run my life was up and about at an early hour as she prepared for her "relaxing" weekend at a farm with her cronies. Take care of her as she had to come home for items forgotten, guess who was blamed for that? It is good I know my place and am always at fault or blame. A rough job, however, I am up to it.

I also rearranged all or almost all of our travel arrangements for Gloria, Kristine,my Erin (Teabag), and I as I have decided to purchase the new car in N.Y. and wait until the winter rebates are announced. Let the goyum pay retail.=) I do have a couple of units in mind but the price is not right.

If someone would have told me twenty five years ago my PROBLEM would be the timing for buying a car I would have been incredulous. I wouldn't believe them either.=) All the answers and road maps to this exalted place are in the BB of AA with the steps to reach them readily available. Why do we ignore that first paragraph in chapter five? I did for too long, what an ass I was. I'm sorry.

Thanks for the phone call from Mike G. who is graciously going to do the "ASK IT BASKET" meeting tonight at 8 p.m. E.D.S.T. I'm feeling real good about that, too. As a matter of fact, if I overlook the mess in the kitchen, my life is a bowl of cherries, and will I'm sure stay that way as long as my focus stays on Your will. How simple can it be?

Yesterday was a good example as a couple of idiots slashed the two front tires of my car while parked in Brooklyn. Thank You for my not seeing them or having my piece with me as they would have been shot. More important was the neighborhood people who came to my assistance and nabbed the little gangsters. They smacked them around pretty good before calling the police, thanks. There was a time my reaction to all of this would have been swift and vengeful -- now I'm just thankful for the people who helped and the funds to buy two new tires.

The BB of AA and the 12&12 of OA are the pillars of my life and all is provided by You as long as I do the next right thing. Thanks. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is requested and expected. A watchful eye on my Gloria as she drives to and from her destination as well as for my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who think steps 4 thru 12 are optional and the people I don't like.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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