Danny's Letters to God
Not Stuffing It

Dear God,

Good morning and thanks for another day to seek and do Your will. It is of course as always brought to my attention that when my eyes first opened today I was abstinent, free of fear, all fear and given yet another chance to be of assistance to another human being, thanks.

In less than one hour I'm to call the folks to come and install the kitchen counter top which has been the big hold up and then on Monday the water will be hooked up. My home is a filthy mess and will remain so until the last ass has done its work and disappeared from my life. Now You know how much my attitude suffers at the first appearance of change. I'm talking about things being changed just because "it is time to change this, I'm tired of looking at it" type of change. I can't find a damn thing in this place I used to call home.

So, where is the woman You sent to run my life, hiding out somewhere in New Jersey with her women’s circle stuff. Who will feel sorry for me and or tell me what to do, how to do it, when to do it whatever it is? Is all this a cruel joke or some sort of dream from which I am not allowed to wake? I know by the time this is written at least I will have a better attitude for the rest of today. Thanks. I figure as dumb as my complaints are they are mine and to stuff them would cost me at least ten pounds, and I cannot afford them, so You have them.

So God of mine, here I am, waiting to see what or who You will send my way today for some sort of assistance. Please gift me with the wisdom and power to do so. Watch over my family ,friends ,fellow loopies ,those who still pray to food plans and the folks I could do without.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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