Danny's Letters to God
The Grey Sheet

Dear God,

Good morning. Thanks for mornings with fresh brewed coffee, and I do make a good pot of coffee. I'm going to have to run out for milk as the woman You sent to run my life will not be a man and drink her coffee black. Gloria did find an artifact while cleaning out my den the other day, the great and glorious "Grey Sheet Diet," now turned brown with age. Can't be more than 800 calories, and I lived off of it for three years, more or less. Mostly more.=)

That piece of paper, along with the Suffolk County Sponsor's Guide, was my program of recovery and stopped well short of doing all of the steps and living with the BB in hand. Reading it was a good thing to do. There were many difficult years of relapse, then recovery, and the cycle of insanity. If You were missing in my life, who moved? Living in the past is dangerous for me and forgetting the past is suicide. You make the balance. You do it so much better.

There are Honey-do things to do today, and if there is to be peace and harmony in my home, well, You know the story better than I. You made them. When this nightmare of ripping apart my cave is over, I'm going to have to learn where my stuff is all over again, if it may be found at all. Tell me again how my stuff is junk and hers heirlooms as I keep forgetting, and she who is to be obeyed is weary of reminding me. Sixteen more days and I'm off to do that which I do best, buy a new car, which happens once every seven to ten years.

If it were not for this construction mess, my life would be very orderly and compact. Perhaps this is what my soul was like when first You made those small beginning changes. This mess might look something like my spiritual unfitness before You cleaned it up with truth, love and giving. Now, that is a thought. So today I'm going to find a floor finisher and a glass guy. Wonder why this woman likes glass so much, another mystery.

As I wander through this day, I ask for and expect the wisdom to know and power to do Your will, certainly not mine. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who worship diets instead of You and of course the folks I don't like.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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