Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Oh my how my heart sings this morning as I sit here realizing You have granted me another of Your marvelous days in which to enjoy my life. The newly risen sun is so bright with clean, fresh, cool air to breath, thanks. This man has absolutely no idea as to why he has this current feeling of joy, however it is readily accepted as another gift. There have been so many mornings in my life filled with dread and fear of some unknown thing that never happened. Just an empty void, filled with some unseen terror. Then somehow the courage to call an unseen God to dispel the unknown terror, thanks.

As I sit here with my java close by and the woman You sent to run my life safely snuggled in her bed I am complete, and I am happy. Her ability to wake up with that little girl smile and gentleness is something I am so grateful for, thanks. There is a certain amount of wisdom forced upon me by the years I have lived. I should say survived, because until I gave up being God I merely survived, and now I may live, thanks. Yesterday I told You I considered myself the luckiest man alive, and this morning I know why and where I heard the phrase. It was spoken by Lou Gerhig during his farewell to 60,000+ people at Yankee Stadium in the 1940's. He knew he would die a slow painful death, but was full of gratitude for the short life he would have. Thanks for the memory.

My life has been blessed with role models, some good, some not, but all are a part of me. They have shaped and molded me as surely as You have directed, and this bit of information is what gives me the feeling of happiness and joy this morning brings. It is in fact those dark valleys that allow me to appreciate the pure freshness at the top of the mountain, thanks. Because I'm so full of life today, and there are no contractors to deal with, my thoughts turn to replacing the shower head which has seen better days, and in fact does not operate as it should. You know how poorly I do at fix-it stuff so stay with me on this.

Meanwhile I'm ready for this day to unfold as You wish and am prepared to do my best with all You send my way. I will of course need the wisdom to know and power to do same. Please watch over the family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still linger at step three, and the folks I just don't like.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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