Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Absolutely a wonderful morning to be alive and able to take deep breaths. Thank You. I woke up abstinent this morning -- a wonderful gift from you for which this man is grateful. The woman You sent to run my life is up,coffee'd, bathed, dressed and out the door. Big doings at the place she goes to make money for me to spend, thanks. Where is the fear? None? There certainly was a time and not so long ago when the unknown would produce that paralyzing fear. The fear itself would become the issue instead of the unknown problem which meant when the unknown was known and solved the fear remained to rule my thoughts. No wonder people thought I was nuts, I was, still am but a nice nuts. Today my biggest woe is trying to coordinate the contractors for the kitchen countertop, rehooking the plumbing, doing all the trim work, repairing the wall paper damage, floor sanding, etc., new carpet installation, mirror replacement, furniture delivery and new cabinet to be built in the bathroom. Whew!! All from the kitchen accident in June. I have not as of yet killed anyone, thanks. The woman thinks all of the above may be done before my departure for our home in Florida on the 28th of this month. Please maybe another Red Sea job is in order. My routine of "yes dear, yes dear" is beginning to be tiresome however it is still the safest approach. Husbandry is so simple but not easy, just another "yes dear."

You took away all my coping mechanisms, booze, nicotine, gambling, compulsive eating and left me with You, thanks. My biggest problem or I should say complaint is her leaving lipstick stains on her coffee mug as I'm doing dishes by hand and lipstick is a pain to remove. Such problems a man could do without. I could just scream.

While I'm at it, what is so hard about replacing the toilet paper and making sure it comes over the top? Would it hurt her to put her shoes away or her dirty garments in the hamper, separated of course. My life is so difficult it is no wonder I go around smiling all day. When people remark about my attitude my smile grows larger. Thank You for this wonderful life. It works if you work it, what a concept. Who knew!!! This 63 year old child is about to face the day armed to the teeth with his program and You. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who have not found the program and only diet and the people I don't like, just for today. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is expected and will be appreciated.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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