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Home Repairs

Dear God,

One would think that just being alive would be reason enough to make a person happy. Not today, my God, as this human has been up most of the night doing, well, being sick. To make matters worse, the shower head I installed yesterday is now lying on the floor of my bath unusable. Step two seems to be in order here as I continue to attempt these simple home repair jobs knowing how dangerous I am. At least I should be thankful that I managed to take a shower before disaster struck the project.

Time and time again I try to do what most men find so natural and easy. Time and time again I foul it up. Is this some cruel cosmic joke or just my insanity? You and I both know that the woman you sent to run my life will be in pain from laughing when this latest fiasco is revealed to her as it must be. At least when she turns on the shower and nothing happens there will be no guessing. Hopefully I will be several miles away at my f2f meeting and able to hide for the rest of today. Seems like a good plan to me. Another question I will need to have an answer to when we meet. The list of questions gets longer and longer, boy are You in big trouble.

So it is now time to inhale deeply, exhale through the mouth at least ten times and just listen, keeping my mind (UGH) quiet and free of thought. Calm has returned as I ask myself, "How important is it?" In the grand scheme of life this is merely a bump in the road of happy destiny and certainly will provide some comic relief for those who know my ongoing saga of trying to be Mr. Fixit. I will not mention the play on words that comes to mind with "Mr. Fixit."

So the time comes for me to put on a happy face and go about my business -- whatever You decide my business is. The wisdom to know and power to do this business must come from You as You watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still diet and the people I don't like at all.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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