Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Another day to live, another opportunity to do the next right thing, another day in which to see, hold, feel and do Your will as it is revealed to me. Another day to make up for all those dark days when Your will was ignored if heard at all. Knowing how frustrating it is as a parent to have a child ignore my warnings of danger I can only feel sadder at my life-long lousy attitudes towards all those You sent my way to carry Your message to me. And still, You send me Your love, wow, thanks.

Now this morning I received another present as I took my first ever shower with my brand new shower head, thanks. I decided the other day to install this simple piece of equipment and was assured by the plumbing clerk even an idiot could do it. Not true as this idiot had to call his nephew to fix his mess. I apologized to the young man for taking time away from his family on a Saturday, and he responded "oh Unc, it is a pleasure to help and the whole family is waiting to hear how you screwed up this one." The repair took him ten minutes. I had been at it for six hours.

All of this proves several things that the woman You sent to run my life has been saying for years, none of them complimentary. As of today I admit my total inability to touch any hand tools without screwing up. Of this insidious compulsion I am cured. Maybe. The pot of gold is mine as the new shower thing is such a pleasure to use. A good hot shower is definitely one of Your better gifts, so refreshing. Now if I tell her the new shower makes me feel sexy she will either laugh uncontrollably or make me take another shower. Go figure.

Today is another day, the power is Yours to give me to do Your will as it is revealed to me, hopefully to watch football. Watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer and the people I don't like.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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