Danny's Letters to God


Dear God,

Thanks for an abstinent day yesterday, and may I please know Your will and have the power to carry it out, which will assure me of another day of clean eating and living? So how come I broke one of my cardinal rules and jumped on the scale at one of the nursing homes? Of course, the numbers were horrible to me and set my head to the stinking thinking mode. Thanks for setting my feet on the right path before I tried every scale in five different places.

The scale is not my friend, not now or ever. I'm wearing clothes long ago placed in the back of my 1/4 of the 2 walk in closets. I've moved my belt back four notches and feel great. THE SCALE IS MY ENEMY!! Makes no difference how long or strong my recovery is, the devil is always lurking, cunning, baffling, powerful and patient. Boy am I glad and appreciative of my spiritual savings account, which I relied on yesterday. Thanks.

The bullshit just never stops, but I am thankful for the shovel to get rid of it. The woman You sent to run my life once again occupies the chair next to mine, and her familiar gentle snoring is a comfort to me. One week to the WEDDING and all will be over. Thanks for the OPENING DAY for the N.F.L. on Sunday. I will emerge from this after the Super Bowl, in Janurary 2000. Please watch over all of the family, friends, loopers and looperettes and especially the folks I just don't like.

A special request today for all of the unborn children. May they be exactly as You wish them to be and loved by us as You love them.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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