Danny's Letters to God


Dear God,

Good morning. I am fuzzy-headed and groggy this a.m., and have a bit of leftover attitude from yesterday. I know that I am cyber-stupid and am accepting of that. My inability to log into starchat at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday have me angry and frustrated to the boiling point. Seems to me a little help from You is in order here. My letter to WebTV help center resulted in more prepared statements which were useless. Do something. Maybe a bolt of lightening? I totally dislike recorded messages that tell me to push buttons for answers. If they can't afford a person, then I do business elsewhere.

This humidity might have something to do with my attitude this morning. The air is so thick it might be cut with a knife. Makes it hard to breathe. The roads are flooded today and the roads are a mess, but my old folks are waiting in Brooklyn and it would not be right to not go, so I'll wait for traffic to lighten up. There is definitely something in the back of my mind that's bothering me, but can't reach it, so I guess it will have to come up on its own. And when it pops up, You will get it real fast.

Your will for me and the power to carry it out is as always expected and will be appreciated. Please take care of my loved ones today, the usual suspects, and the folks I don't much care for. The nice part of this is that the folks I don't care for may be counted on one hand. Thanks.

And Why Not?
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