Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Thank You for safely returning the woman You sent me to run my life. All is back to normal, and I am happily going to make a list of honey do's after this post. I missed being told what to do, so I could do as I pleased. Wonder if I'll ever grow up. Well that's up to You, isn't it? I laughed so hard, I thought my pants would never dry. Gloria wasn't home more than ten minutes when the WEDDING stuff started again. She had to go to some place called Pittsburgh in PA. to buy me two pair of socks for 12.99 each. I thought that's what shoes cost.

Of course I already have my favorite socks. They have been my favorites for 35 years, and that's what I will wear. Meanwhile, back at the WEDDING, my niece, the BRIDE has asked me to say grace before her wedding dinner. I am honored. I will behave. I want to live in peace, and in one piece. Still no word from my missing son and his new phone is not yet connected. Why do I worry about a young man who stands 6 ft.4 in. weighs 210 pounds of muscle and has a constant smile on his face? It's the smile on his face and in his eyes that will keep him safe. Please!!

You do such a good job of taking care of me, my family, fellow sufferers, friends, and especially those I don't like. I'm willing to allow You to do so again today. Please!! I, on the other hand, need the knowledge of Your will for me today and the power to carry it out. Thy will Father, not mine be done, 'cause mine ain't worth a poop.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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