Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Better late than never. Better never late, hmmmmm?? How do I apologize to You? I'm sorry is the best I can do. Slept for ten hours and then ran like a nut to go do things that don't have to be done. It is amazing how dumb I can be when there is no time for the Boss. Last night at my f2f meeting I had to remind folks about anonymity, and hopefully the right person caught the message. Meanwhile, the woman You sent to run my life is pissed off because I took the meeting home two weeks ago (we were locked out), and the place had not been dusted. Women get upset at the damnedest stuff.

Speaking of, we are back to the WEDDING bullspit again. Half the family will be here to get dressed for this damn EVENT with one, yes, one bathroom. I'll have to make an appointment with my own commode. Two things are certain: 1. This man will put himself in a nice hotel for a couple of days and be incognito. 2. The 12 dollar socks are in the darkest corner of my drawer and will rot there before I wear them. Turns out they cost so much because of the designer label. Dear God, does the woman not know me by now? My socks are better and are broken in. The ugly tie has already gone to the church thrift shop. Maybe I won't even wear a tie.

This will probably blow over as just another tempest in a tea pot. I have noticed that divorces occur in direct proportion to the lavishness of the WEDDING. I give this one five months. Please can we go back to the good old fire house, K of C, or back yard parties with even the babies there? I miss those simple, but love-filled affairs. See what happens to me when there is not enough time for You in the a. m.

For what's left of the day, I look to You for guidance and protection, and with this attitude more protection than anything. NUTS!!!

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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