Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Do You know that when I send this to You every morning I check it out for spelling? I know that You would not get upset over that, but something deep inside tells me that You deserve my best. Now my best can only be accomplished by Your help, so if I goof up, You did it!!

I'll read my posts this a.m. before sharing my coffee with You and see some of my fellows in need of Your help, which You would give without my asking, but I'm asking anyway. I still can not get over how wonderful You have made my life and given me this great gift of the O/A program, these loops and most of all You.

I must have reached out to You somehow, somewhere, but can't seem to remember when. Doesn't matter, we are here together now. Please wrap Your loving arms around all of us today, worthy and unworthy alike as we are all Your children. A special plea today for all of Your special children, born and unborn, that they be allowed to bring their special joy to us and allow us to recieve same. Please grant me the power and wisdom to do Your will today.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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