Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Michael is due here any moment as he needs a short loan and to pick up some stuff for his new and first home. How I envy him on this new adventure. Sometmes it is difficult for me to realize that most of my adventures are gone, and I must make the most of those that are left. How come we are not allowed to see and understand these circumstances as adventures when we are young, so that they may be enjoyed rather than be frightful? At this stage of life, it's an adventure to go to the supermarket. OH WELL!!!

Thanks for yesterday and all the sports on tv. All four VCR machines were going, and I can sit here and watch all day if I want to. But there is a meeting and lunch first, then off to the laundromat to drop off the stuff I'm supposed to do. Oh, lest I forget, thanks for the abstinence, and may I have more of the same today. I ask You for the ability to help all You send my way today, the wisdom to know Your will for me and the power to do same.

A special request for all my fellows who are making life-changing decisions, from life styles to eating compulsively: May You let them know that no decision is the only wrong one and that decisions may always be changed. Just do it.

I just felt that wave of peace go through my body that lets me know that You have heard me this morning. Thanks. While I'm feeling so serene, I'll ask that you keep an eye on all my loved and not so loved ones, especially those who are not so loved. Please remind me that I also put my pants on one leg at a time, and as step seven tells me, I should just be one of the bunch and not try to be the top banana.

Most importantly, give me the power this day not to do anything that would hurt You.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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