Danny's Letters to God
My Little Tea Bag

Dear God,

So, it's good and early today as my eyes opened at 6:20 a.m. I looked out the window and saw the grass from the green side and figured it was OK to get out of bed. Thanks for another day with abstinence, please. I read some shares this morning, and the thought of losing a child or a grandchild makes me fill with fear. Please give me the faith to offset that fear. The tea bag (Erin) blew me off the phone yesterday because she wanted to play with her friends after school. Forgive me as I delighted in holding her on the phone with silly questions just to hear the frustration in her voice. It's good to be Pop Pop!!

To all who are brave enough to change their lives, I pray for strength so that they may succeed. Life has a way of pushing us in directions that are contrary to the core of our being, and the need to change course comes from You, so must be aided by You. Then again, there are those who never know, and for them life must be a constant struggle, filled with frustration. I am thankful my future was always plain to me. My goal was and still is to grow old in Your service, and a little fun wouldn't hurt.

The vision of someone standing before You seeking to enter heaven and You telling them, "Listen, why did you suffer so trying to be a pear when I made you a perfectly good banana?" The difference here is having the WISDOM to know which way to go. The trick to all this is daily meditation and constant contact with You.

Just for today, allow me to know Your will and supply the power to do same. Keep all of my family, fellow travelers, loopie pals, friends and ugly people I don't like, and also the first person who mentions the WEDDING today. Maybe they could develop an itch, the kind you can't scratch.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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