Danny's Letters to God
The Next Right Thing

Dear God,

Good morning and thanks for the beginning of a new day in abstinence. What is done with this gift I leave to You and I will do my part. BRB. I've been meaning to speak with You about this system of expelling things after drinking. It is very inconvenient, although it does give a chance to refill the coffee mug. Oh well, guess I'll just have to live with it. When my eyes opened this brand new day there was some debris left over from the ballgame last night and while I am now at peace with this it bears airing.

Anthony (7), R.J. (6) and I were joined by several other gramps and dads at the ball park. When our national anthem was played three very large young men remained seated. Anger was swift and my mouth let them know they were being disrespectful. I was ready to go to battle right there and almost forgot there were children to protect. Besides I'm old, fat and out of fighting trim. Calmer heads prevailed; however, a pall settled over what should have been a nice outing. So this morning I wake up with the question in my fuzzy brain, did I do the right thing?

When I read the " Today's Thought " from Hazeldon, my question was answered. A phone call from another gramps furthered the answer. Several small boys and maybe some dads learned that it is not ok to stand by and ignore bad behavior. Evil and people who do it are a small pitiful bunch and cannot exist but for good people who remain silent. Silence is not one of my defects. I am confronted everyday with decisions and choices, some with no clear cut or black and white way to go. These are the hard choices and time for meditation and this I do most of the time.

The woman You sent to run my life is due home today with her sister in tow. She is a sweetie and nice to have around (really good cook) so a special looking after for them while driving home. You might watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still are stuck on Step Four, the Jets, Giants, Bills and all the NFL. Please include the people I don't like also. Another football season ... another reason to rejoice. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is needed ... just for today.

And Why Not?
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