Danny's Letters to God
Busy Days

Dear God,

Thank You for beginning a new and abstinent day with me and sharing my first mug of java. I'm feeling much better today and my bright blue eyes opened at 5 a.m. Something or someone told me to get up and get going and I did. There was another new twist to my waking up. I was feeling actual hunger in my tummy. Could be because the one and only meal eaten on Friday was at 3 p.m. My eating habits suffer when I'm sick.

So today looks full with a f2f step meeting at 10a.m. followed by lunch with the bunch. Then home to rest and watch some college football games before picking up two grandsons for the baseball game and picnic. I'm tired already. The woman you sent to run my life is so cute when saying or thinking dumb things. She asked if I could run all or as many as possible of the dishes, etc. through the dishwasher. No problem except the water is off until her specially made countertop is installed in ten or twelve days. =) Now the dawn breaks and she knows why I did not want her special stuff.

I'm really grateful she took her aged aunt away to rest this weekend. Her office calls constantly for her number which I refuse to give anyone. My gal needs some rest. I remember those hectic working days and feeling so important when the powers that be had to call me for answers on weekends. What a jerk I was. Still am but not so much. Somewhere in this world there is a replacement for everyone. If I don't get it done, who will? We like to think we are indispensable ... not so.

Now I'm feeling tired and it is time to get my butt in gear so I'm leaving You in charge of my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer and the people I don't like. The wisdom to know and power to do Your will is requested.

And Why Not?
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