Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Thanks for allowing me to wake up this glorious and sunny morning, and for the bride gently snoozing in her bed. To be sure, I have had a major change in attitude since becoming asbstinent, and then the hospital stay. The poor woman sees and hears me pouring more and more of me into program and is frightened. Please see if You can help her understand the level of my loyalty to her does nothing but increase the closer I get to You, and I get closer to You by my service to those who still suffer.

When the woman You sent to run my life wakes up, we are off to the beach for a walk on the boardwalk, which is one of my favorite places to walk. Thank You for bikinis and young girls. Please don't let the sisters get upset. I like to look at paintings too, as well as beautiful sunsets, etc.

Can You tell I'm feeling good today? Thanks. There is a person trying to get back into my life who does nothing but upset me and the many prayers that have been said to help me accept him did not work. So either give me the ability not to kill the pain in the ass or change him.

To be sure, things are so much better when You run the show so take over and gift me with the wisdom to know and the strength to do Your will today. Watch over all my babies, young and not so young, all my loop pals, in-laws, out-laws the ton of relatives and, of course, the people I don't like at all. Maybe You could change my attitude toward the aforementioned pain in the ass. Take good care of me today as I'm the only me I have. My love is yours.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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