Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

When the phone rings at 7 a.m., the first thought that goes through my mind is, "Who is dead or dying?" Sure does get my feet on the deck real fast. Then I am so relieved it's just an old friend that feels comfortable with a call that early. He is lonely, so I'll take him with me this morning. Thanks for the abstinance yesterday, and I could use another today.

Last night the speaker at my f2f "Relapse & Recovery" meeting proved again that it does not pay to put too much importance on a person's physical appearence. What an inspirational story she had to tell. Service is so important to the life of a meeting, and even more important to my recovery. Thanks for allowing me to do whatever service I do.

Living in recovery is so much nicer and easier than I deserve, so it has to be Your parental love for all of us that makes all of this possible. It truly is the simple things that bring happiness, only it takes so long to see it. I amused myself last night by sending family pictures to loop buddies, and the time flew by without any thoughts of food, thanks. Right now there is such a feeling of peace inside of me that is beyond my ability to describe. Must be that old serenity, thanks.

Today I ask for, expect and appreciate the knowledge of Your will for me and the strength to carry it out. I pray today that You will take care of my loved ones and loop buddies, those who still suffer and the guys I really don't like. Thanks for having the promises of our fellowship be a part of my life. I was so jealous of those who walked in the sunshine while I stayed in the rain feeling so sorry for myself. All that was needed was for me to walk the walk and put You in charge. Now I'm on the sunny side of life, thanks.

Time to go and live the life that You have provided, thanks.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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