Danny's Letters to God

Dear God,

Well, it's like you said. The test came and is gone, but I did not like it one stinking bit and if I knew it would be like being in WWIII I would not have gone. I would rather go 10 rounds with mad dog Schultz. The nurse was young and pretty, but would not come home with me no matter how much I whined, and I did. Said she already had one just like me but livlier. OUCH!!

I still have more to do but will put off same until the woman You sent me gets wise to the stall tactic. Damn, I hate doctors and their tests. Have You noticed yet that I'm having a pretty good brat attack here and enjoying it too? I'm tired from that radiation and think I'll just hang out in my recliner (one of Your best thoughts) and chill. I do that real good from years of experience.

The house is mine till late tonight and will be quiet. I like that too. So hopefully this a.m. I asked You to round up the usual suspects to take care of and especially my Michael who is moving into his first bachelor pad. You remember mine, eh? Ok Ok, so it wasn't one of my better times as far as You're concerned, still ... hehehe!! More of this tomorrow.

And Why Not?
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